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Different Methods Used in Removing the Facial Hair by Women


Naturally, it is known and understood that women should not have a beard or any visible facial hair. If a lady happens to have such kind of hair, then the lady might end up feeling weird about herself and the society look at her as if she has a male genetic makeup. The woman also starts fearing to attend the social outings with other ladies or even with men as well going out for dates. However, this should not be the case, a woman having a major beard or excess facial hair is not a disability instead it is just an overexpression of the genes which are responsible for the facial hair growth in ladies. The lady has nothing wrong about her ladyship status so society should not neglect them.


Due to several cases of the facial hair growth among ladies which often occur around the upper lips, chin and the cheeks, there has been a step taken to relieve the ladies of this stressing moments. There are several ways of eradicating the facial hair. One of the most common women facial hair removing method found in the parlors is threading. This method may be perceived as an ancient method of hair removal, but I can tell it works wonders. This procedure involves the use of a hundred percent cotton thread. The cotton thread is normally twisted and then pulled along the facial skin surface where the unwanted hair is grown. The cotton thread is then lifted up together with lifting the hair from the hair follicle. Threading process of hair removal has a lot of advantages. For one it is a natural hair removal process, and it works on all types of skins, be it damaged, normal, tanned or sensitive skin. Another advantage of this hair removal process is that it is very much affordable to all, very fast, very safe, simple and effective since it naturally uproots the hair from its follicle. Read vitabeard reviews here!


The second facial and major beard hair removal method is the use of depilatory cream products. This product is just applied to the facial skin, you wait for few minutes, and then you wipe off the cream. You will have to keep on repeating this process for about three to five days to achieve the wanted results. The advantage of this method is that it is easier to use, it is cost effective to all and also it not painful when you are doing it. These Major Beard creams are almost on every counter all over the globe, and so you only need to go and ask for the facial hair removal cream.

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